Identify Your Narcissist Right Now Using These 3 Signs No One Else Knows

Because they haven't lived with narcissists as family for over 20 years like I have

I will never forget the day I learned my father was a narcissist.

My mother woke me up early, while my father was on a business trip, and said “we’re going to the airport and taking a plane to Denver, and we aren’t coming back.”

In less than 10 seconds, the life and security I’d known for 14 years collapsed around me. I was totally alone, with no hope things would be okay.

It was the most traumatic day of my life.

But looking back, I realize it was the only choice my mother had.

My father was very abusive. The kind that makes you feel like shrinking to the size of an ant, crawling under a rock and never coming out.

But since I grew up with it, I didn’t know any different.

It’s strange though: everyone who knows my father doesn’t think of him that way. To most people he’s just a nice, well-meaning and ordinary guy.

So why did we flee halfway across the country from him?

I know now that’s because he’s a narcissist.

Unlike other abusers, narcissists work behind the scenes and never in the open. They emotionally threaten and scare you into doing what they want.

They use fear, guilt, and shame to weaken you and force you under their control.

Do you know someone who makes you feel like this? If so, you know that awful feeling doesn’t go away after the abuse: it cripples you for the rest of your life.

What’s worse is that anything can trigger that feeling at any time, and re-open those old wounds again.

But they don’t have to be your parent to hurt you, as in my case. They can be your boss, coworker, friend, sibling or spouse.

That’s what makes narcissists so dangerous: they’re usually the people closest to you. They “hide in plain sight” so you don’t even know they’re hurting you.

And you probably won’t know it’s happening, just that all of sudden you lack confidence, feel horrible about yourself and can’t do anything right… and there’s no hope of getting away.

It isn’t rare either: it’s happening all the time—and I bet you’ve been, or currently are, a victim to it.

And unless you know exactly what narcissists do and can identify them, you’ll never know they’re ruining your life. But you’ll always feel it, like a poison running through your entire body.

I’m going to take you inside this person’s head, so you can see what they’re doing and remove them from your life. Then they can’t hurt you anymore.

Which is why on this page, I’m going to share with you the 3 most important signs of a narcissist - so that you can spot a narcissist and get away before the abuse starts, or identify one you’re wondering about right now.

You're About to Recognize Them With The 1st Telltale Sign of a Narcissist

I spent the first 14 years of my life in an emotionally abusive home.

But even though I got away, the crippling damage was already done.

The deep scars from that abuse hurt for years… through unhealthy habits like continuing to associate with abusive people… and damaging self-talk I had learned from my father.

Narcissists always make you feel trapped.

But you can be prepared where I wasn’t. If my mother had known what the problem was and what was in store for us, she would have gotten me and my brothers out of the situation a lot sooner.

And if she had known this one trait that narcissists can’t hide, we would have escaped before it was too late.

A narcissist doesn’t care about you, only cares about themselves and deliberately makes you feel bad about yourself.

There are no exceptions. Narcissists cannot tolerate others feeling good—they only feel good when you feel bad.

They make disturbing threats and scare you to death because it makes them feel powerful and in control. Your problems aren’t important—you’re just a landfill for them to dump their problems.

They even like it: it makes them feel good to hurt you. And they won’t stop until you’re a dried husk crawling on the floor.

You may be wondering if only intimate relationships apply. The truth is narcissists can be anyone.

A friend, coworker or even a family member may have this disorder—as in my case.

But no matter who they are, they always make you feel bad about yourself. That’s their greatest weapon—undermining your self-confidence.

But the way they do it is so subtle that most people miss it.

Do You Know or Live With a Narcissist? Find Out TODAY by Learning all 16 Signs of a Narcissist

Want to hear something surprising? The American Psychiatric Association published the latest edition of its manual on mental disorders in 2013, and narcissism isn’t in it!

Strange how some of the most dangerous people you'll ever meet—for several reasons I’m going to show you—aren't in this manual.

I’ve collected everything I’ve learned about narcissists—from how they think to what they do and why—into a new guide The 16 Signs of a Narcissist.

Within its pages, I’ll show you:

  • The 3 stages of the narcissist’s psyche, with what you can expect from them at any given time, including when they can become dangerous, page 11
The 16 Signs of a Narcissist
By Scott Bassett
  • “Why did they do that?” is the most likely question you’ll be asking yourself on a regular basis around a narcissist. Their reasons for doing things are very complicated, but their motivations are very simple, page 13
  • How the people around you shape your thinking and how you feel about yourself more than you know, page 46
  • What’s the best way to control someone? By getting them to believe something that isn’t true. How narcissists project illusions of themselves to control your perceptions of them, page 65
  • Why your relationship with a narcissist can only end in disaster, page 146
  • 23 behaviors exclusive to narcissists you’re bound to come across, page 32
  • Why they will never stop what they do, page 14
  • Do you have regular bouts of depression and anxiety? Take a look at the people around you before you look at yourself too closely, page 51
  • What you can learn about narcissists from the way children respond to them. Children can teach us a great deal about how we really feel about people and dangerous people in particular, because they haven’t learned to ignore their feelings like we have, page 25
  • Know how you feel. Follow this principle and you will immediately recognize if someone has their your best interests at heart… or theirs, page 50
  • Narcissists constantly test potential victims with their tricks. Do you recognize any of these 3? Page 17
  • Feel like you’re always in this person’s debt? Turn to page 18 and find out why
  • The difference between a narcissist and psychopath, and why a narcissist is more dangerous to you—page 140
  • You can’t change who they are, but you can change how you think about them. Unless you learn how, you’ll always become trapped in their web, page 142
  • How can such “nice” people be so mean? They’re nice for all the wrong reasons, page 113
  • Narcissistic projection. The biggest problems they have with you will give you insight into what’s actually wrong with them, page 79
The 16 Signs of a Narcissist Preview
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  • How false talk distracts you from focusing on the real problems. Learning how to distinguish between false talk and the truth is crucial to breaking free from their control, page 39
  • If they did have an end goal it would be this: To make you beat yourself up so they don’t have to. They’re probably conditioning you to do that right now, page 15
  • The fundamental behavior patterns of every narcissistic person. You’ll learn how to recognize when someone is trying to manipulate you and get away, every time. Page 7
  • Narcissists and their “perfect family”, page 71 (in Sign #2: Illusions)
  • Why can’t they get their facts straight? Why do they remember things that never happened and forget important things that did? That’s because they change history to make themselves look good… they literally rewrite it and make you believe it too, page 89
  • Think narcissists can’t become physically dangerous? They can and do, but it really only happens when you accuse them of being narcissists. Page 143
  • Narcissists grew up in dysfunctional a family. Here are 3 signs they have a dysfunctional relationship with their family now and when they were growing up, page 105
  • Why do you always seem to fail or just not get it right when they ask you to do something? It’s because you were set-up to fail, page 87
  • Why they appear so stubborn and how it’s really a dysfunctional and persistent mode of thinking that never changes, Page 82 (Sign #3: Black and White Thinking)
  • “It was an accident. I didn’t know.” Nothing is ever an accident with narcissists, everything is pre-planned and plotted to accomplish something for them, page 5
  • The best way to recover from a narcissistic relationship is by being “selfish” and putting your needs first, page 146
  • The different kinds of emotional abuse, and how the narcissist uses each, page 113
  • They truly are dysfunctional adult children, page 12
  • You probably have heard the old self-talk cliché, “If I just worked harder, things would change.” Even when it isn’t said, narcissists suggest that if you would only do *this one thing*, there would be no problems. Why this is totally false, page 48
  • How is it that such dangerous people are able to fool others into thinking they’re really good people? That’s why they’re so dangerous, because they’re so convincing, page 72
  • Narcissists people aren’t just manipulative, they have a deluded sense of themselves they impose on everyone else through illusions. Does someone you know do this? Page 66
  • Why don’t they ever tell you they’re genuinely sorry for doing something wrong? Because they aren’t sorry and never will be, they’ll just do it again on their next chance, page 83
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  • Narcissists are thematic, they appear to have very complex behavior with a range of motivations but they actually base all of their self-image on one or more themes, page 132
  • Now that you know their themes, you can understand what they envy and fear the most, page 140
  • Trigger points that set them off, learn what narcissists’ sore spots are so you can avoid them, page 11
  • Narcissists say things to irritate you and make you accept responsibility for their actions. They’re so common I’ve compiled a list of them. I bet you’ve heard them say at least some of these things to you, any of them sound familiar? Page 154
Narcissist's in Conversation Preview
Click to Preview "Narcissists in Conversation"
  • Passive-aggressive behavior is common to narcissists, but the way it manifests is hard to notice, page 112
  • The many different way of being mean, and what the real definition of “mean” is, page 41
  • Despite how complicated their behavior can be, their objectives and personal feelings are actually very simple, page 13
  • Why and how they make you feel so bad like no one else can, page 116
  • Real conversations with a narcissist including a comprehensive list of how they talk to you in conversation, and how they make you feel as a result. Does this sound like anyone you know? Page 148
  • The 3 different kinds of manipulative people and where narcissists fit into that picture, page 36
  • The 10 traits of narcissists, a clear picture of why they are what they are, what they think of you and what drives them, page 3
10 Traits of the Narcissist Preview
Click to Preview "10 Traits of the Narcissist"
  • How narcissists treat their family and children, page 71
  • Why they have to make you feel bad and always will, page 9
  • Why is everything so chaotic and disordered around them? How come it never changes despite your best efforts? It’s because they create chaotic situations and like it that way, despite their claims to the contrary, page 15
  • How and why they perpetuate the dysfunctional family hierarchy they grew up with, page 106
  • Ever feel like you’re their parent and they're a child, or that they’re your parent and you’re the child? This serves an important dual function for narcissists, page 12
  • Narcissists and “personal responsibility”, page 129
  • What they say, how it’s different from what they really do and why, page 138
  • Do they really think they’re perfect? It’s a long story, but yes and no, page 128
  • Narcissists seek to control your perceptions, but most of their control isn’t real but an illusion in itself, page 75
  • They talk about all kinds of things they want to do or are going to do, but do they really have any life goals? No, they don’t. They have behaviors they want to instill in you, but no end goals to speak of, page 10
  • The narcissist’s psyche. Look for symptoms of emotional dysfunction in their behavior to find out what they aren’t telling you, page 6
Psyche of the Narcissist Preview
Click to Preview "The Narcissist's Psyche"
  • Why do they act so differently to different people? Page 70
  • We all have rights, but narcissists consider these 6 privileges their exclusive rights that you aren’t welcome to, page 39
  • Just what are they really thinking when they say that? Page 12
  • What they really think of you, look at how they treat you and talk about you to other people, page 57
  • The narcissistic spectrum. The difference between people with narcissistic tendencies and full-blown narcissists, page 37
  • Cyclic instability and why you never get anywhere with them. It’s not you, page 35
  • Actions speak louder than words. Watching a narcissist’s actions and comparing them to what they say is the only way of knowing what their real intentions are towards you, and their motivations, page 4
  • How they get other people to abuse you for them, page 44
  • Say goodbye to your favorite hobbies and closest friendships, they can’t allow them, page 92
  • The opposites principle: why most of what they say and do is the direct opposite of how they feel, and how you can use it to find out what they really want from you, page 72
  • Narcissists don’t believe anything—they latch onto things that make them look good to other people, page 76
  • Getting away is just the beginning. Learning how to recover is the next step to ensure that you don’t get wrapped up with another narcissist. While recovery should be a book of its own, here’s my best advice for you, page 145
  • And so much more...

"Dear Scott, I think it's us that need to thank you! When I first purchased your book I was trying to (for four years) figure out what was wrong with the narcissist in my life. I got away from him when I read your book. Thanks again. You've sent two emails since then and after I received each of them this man tried to come back in my life. I was glad I had your emails to remind me of what I was about to let myself in for. You've done a great thing by writing this book."

-Vicki Schramm

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As you can see, this isn’t a packet of fluff. It’s a comprehensive personal guide to identifying and understanding narcissists - unlike any other - so you can protect yourself from them.

It isn't a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis. I'm not a psychiatrist.

But I do know a narcissist when I see one, and I sure as heck don’t want the same thing that happened to me to happen to you.

And I’m willing to bet 99% of psychiatrists haven’t lived with even one narcissist—or have half the firsthand experience I do dealing with them.

So you know narcissists are subtle—they use covert tactics to control you.

They’re so good at staying hidden they fool most people… so you have to look with a critical eye to see it’s happening.

The key is noticing what they do and not what they say.

Telltale Sign #2 is they must be in contact with you most or all of the time.

Sad Girl
It feels like you’ll never get away from them.

Narcissists use talk to control you.

They brainwash you into believing they’re good people who can be trusted and respected.

And talk is the only thing that opens you up and allows you to be influenced by them… without being suspicious of their intentions.

They love to establish themselves as an authority in your life—so you'll regularly confide in them.

Full self-disclosure opens you up to their controlling tactics, and that’s when the abuse starts.

They must also be in constant communication with you because they’re dependent.

They need you to feel safe.

And they’ll do anything to make sure they look independent to everyone on the outside, including you.

Starting to sound familiar? Well...

Other People Will Suffer Their Whole Lives Without This Information: Now You Won’t Be One of Them

I hate bragging, but this is the absolute best resource for recognizing and understanding narcissists in the world.

I've known these people my whole life and lived with them most of that time.

I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve felt the insecurity and doubt—and I'm recovering from it.

Few people have the experience I do. Fewer still took that experience and learned from it, sharing that knowledge with others in the same situation.

So if you even suspect you know or live with a narcissist, this will tell you right now and remove your confusion.

You'll always feel alone
They isolate you and slowly chip away all contact you have with the outside world so you're alone.

It'll answer all of your questions, like:

  • “Is this person a narcissist? How do I know for sure?”
  • “Why are they doing this to me? Will they ever stop?”
  • “Why do I always feel like it’s my fault? Is it?”
  • “Am I living with a narcissist? How can I tell?”
  • “What’s my best course of action, continue to associate with them or get away?”

Answers to questions like these (and many more) will finally be in your hands to solve your narcissist problems.

This isn’t a doctor’s diagnostic criteria you can find anywhere, or a lofty academic paper.

It’s an insider’s look at what it feels like to be abused by them everyday.

It’s a practical way of identifying and protecting yourself from their abuse, and the only one in existence specifically designed for narcissistic abuse.

You can’t just read about narcissistic abuse: you have to experience it from someone else’s perspective—then relate it to your own life.

It’s the only way you’ll understand your abuse, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do for you.

You won’t just read it, you’re going to feel it and instantly see how it applies to your own situation.

I had to write it like this because it’s the only way you’ll understand this material—and what you’re going through.

Then, you'll get out of your situation as soon as possible.

So when it comes to real-world insider experience, listen to someone who knows what it feels like to be a constant victim of narcissistic abuse everyday… because they’ve experienced it all before.

It’s exactly what you would tell yourself after a bad experience with a narcissist—before you suffer untold abuse and pain.

It’s information from someone just like you, for you. Someone who was in the same situation you’re in and beat it, and now you will too.

But unlike me, you can stop it now before the abusive cycle starts—or stop it if it’s already started.

This Guide is Extremely Powerful and Life Changing… Putting the Power Back in Your Hands

I have to warn you: the information in this guide will change the way you look at people forever.

From your boss at the office to your sister-in-law on holidays… you’ll never see them the same way again.

That’s because you’ll be like me and my customers: hyper-aware of narcissists trying to scare you into doing what they want.

You’ll instantly notice who has good intentions for you, and who doesn’t.

Suddenly, your world will turn upside-down. People won’t be who you thought they were at all.

It’s going to shock you and take some getting used to.

It’s also extremely life changing and liberating. You’ll feel overwhelmed by the new power and control you have over your life.

But if someone’s manipulating you, you’ll go “inside” their head and know for sure - like a crystal ball showing you what they’re thinking.

And it’s not available anywhere else, because no one like me has written about narcissists "from the inside" before.

So you’ll only find it here.

And just by reading it, you’ll know a narcissist when you see one - and be immune to the horrible anxiety and emotional pain they want to inflict on you - every time.

Depressed Woman
You'll always feel depressed around them.

So what’s the price to learn The 16 Signs, and take control of your life?

For me it was 15 years of emotional abuse and growing up in an unstable household… not to mention the time I spent learning the fact afterwards—and all the pain and trauma that accompanied it.

It gets worse. Even when you get away from a narcissist, they can pursue you relentlessly… for years.

After we began to build a life in Colorado, my father pursued us—and defamed my mother to family and friends for further isolation.

So I can’t put a price on what I’ve gone through living with narcissists.

But you will get away - and start building a better life for yourself - without going through the pain, agony and emotional trauma I did.

I’m asking $29 for The 16 Signs.

And that’s only what you invest if it helps you identify and get away from your narcissist. If it doesn’t, it’s yours free.

It Must Identify Your Narcissist or You’ll Get a Full Refund and Keep The 16 Signs Free With My Best Wishes

I’ve carefully worked through each sign and equipped you with everything I’ve learned living with these people.

I’ve printed the manipulative tactics of every narcissist on the planet into a 160-page personal guide—almost like you’re reading their minds.

I hand you the tools you need right now to defend yourself and get away.

Then, I give you the long-term outlook you need to protect yourself forever, so you’ll live a happier life without narcissists messing with it.

The 16 Signs is a PDF File
The 16 Signs is a PDF file which you'll download immediately after purchase, giving you instant access to your guide.

After you download The 16 Signs of a Narcissist, examine it carefully. You must feel it’s the best personal guide for identifying narcissists and protecting you from their evil behavior you’ve ever read.

You must be 100% satisfied and feel that it's easily worth more than 10x your investment—or you must take your money back, at any time in the future.

I’m serious—if at any time you decide it just isn’t for you or that it doesn’t accomplish what I promise it does, you must take your money back—no questions asked.

If it doesn’t help you with your narcissistic abuser, I don’t want your money and I’m putting it back in your wallet.

Keep The 16 Signs free with my thanks, even if you decide to get a refund, as my gift to you for trying it out.

That way, you risk absolutely nothing when you try it.

But before you do, you need to know the third and most important telltale sign.

The Most Important Thing on This Page: You Must Know Sign #3

You need to know this last, crucial piece of advice.

It’s narcissists never change.

If you think you know a narcissist, do not tell him or her—it will only cause disaster.

They’ll deny the accusation, label you as hostile and use it to force you back under their control.

You must get away from them to free yourself.

They may even become physically dangerous.

You’ll have played your best card right up front, and all for nothing.

You may think that you can communicate with them about the problem, but you can’t. Narcissists only appear as rational people.

You cannot change who they are—because they cannot accept who they are or what they do.

You can only get away from them.

And even when you do, you can fall right back into the same trap again with another narcissist, because you didn't learn the first time around.

The only way to improve your situation is to learn to recognize their behavior, so you can avoid it forever.

But in order to take that next step and regain control of your life, you have to act on proven information—and I’d love to help you with this incredible resource.

And even if you decide to get a refund for any reason (or no reason at all), you’ll get to keep it—along with all of the information.

You’ll only be the better for it.

To order The 16 Signs of a Narcissist and free yourself from narcissistic abuse, click below right now and purchase through our secure checkout:

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No obligations and no time limit, just a free opportunity to turn your life around. Starting today.

You can’t do any better than that.

To your recovery,

Scott Bassett

Founder, owner and operator of SC Publishing Company


This information isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s only for a unique and very special group: people trying to identify a narcissist.

It’ll only make sense to you if you’re with - or know - a narcissist. And you should only invest in it if you are.

If that’s the case, it will save you from them and change your life like nothing else can, and fast.

But time is in very short supply, and every moment you delay, the abuse worsens until I can’t save you.

Don’t let time run out! Order it now and watch it change your life. You know you need this guide.

That’s why you can try it and see how it works for you, so you can feel it change your life right now—or get your money back if it doesn’t totally blow you away with its amazing contents.

You don’t have to say “yes” - you just have to say “maybe” and then experience for yourself how great your new life feels.

Then you’ll finally have the freedom you deserve, without living in agonizing pain everyday from this miserable person.

And I’ve got you covered even if you aren’t with a narcissist, because you can get a full-refund whenever you want. Heck, you even get to keep The 16 Signs no matter what.

So if they’re not a narcissist, you’ll get your money back and not be out one penny. And at least now you know for sure.

And before you say you can’t afford it: consider the amount of money you’ll burn through to get 10% of this information from other books.

How many hundreds of dollars are you willing to spend for resources that can’t compare to this? They still won’t be anywhere near as good.

You’ll never get another chance to “look inside” a narcissist and “get” how they think… so you won’t understand them in-depth like I’ll show you.

You can’t lose. If anything, you’ll get an extremely valuable book for free, but only if you act now.

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Over $100 in Free Bonuses Don't Miss This!

You get three free bonus reports with The 16 Signs:

10 Traits of the Narcissist

The Narcissist’s Psyche

Narcissists in Conversation

10 Traits of the Narcissist and The Narcissist’s Psyche will take you inside their head to help you understand what they do from how they think.

Narcissists in Conversation will demonstrate how they manipulate you in conversations.

Here’s what’s in 10 Traits of the Narcissist

  • This one thing will show you what makes all narcissists tick, and why they must abuse you to feel in control, page 2
10 Traits of the Narcissist
  • At the core of every narcissist is this terrible fear, which explains why they desire to control you. What it is and how it can protect you from them, page 2
  • What sets narcissists apart from every other personality disorder, page 2
  • The type of relationship a narcissist needs, over what time frame, and why, page 3
  • What their long-term plans are for you… I warn you, it isn’t pretty, page 3
  • Why they make you feel so bad and always will… they can’t stop, they have to do it to live, page 4
  • What your future will be with them in your life, and what to expect from them… I already know what your future looks like, so let me save you the suspense and years of torment by cutting straight to the chase, page 4
  • And much more…
Price: $15.00 — Yours Free

Here’s what you’re getting with The Narcissist’s Psyche

  • The “secret” to aggressive and angry people is that they’re actually not dominant or strong, but feel weak and helpless… they’re terrified of what others will do to them, so they hide it and defend themselves through abuse, page 41
  • Their fake cover for their real selves… and how you can tell them apart with the words-to-actions technique, page 8
The Narcissist's Psyche
  • I’m going to say it for you because I know it’s hard to believe: but they have it out for you, and are really bad people, page 7
  • How they came to be this way… they weren’t born narcissists, but forced to become narcissists from abuse, page 14
  • How they really feel about you and what they really think of you, page 11
  • A key to understanding the inner workings of a narcissist is to understand their relationship with their parents and family, page 16
  • Why they dislike and disagree with everyone - and find something wrong with everything… and why it’s really their fault, page 40
  • 5 “dominance gestures” they use to show their control over you, reinforce their confidence and power over the situation - the situation is in their hands and of their making, page 42
  • The “perfect image” of themselves they force onto everyone, at all times, and how they do it, page 44
  • Narcissists must have a group of people they rely on to abuse, including all of the people they have “on the side”, page 44
  • Narcissists always have backup plans just in case something goes wrong and always assume the very worst, page 29
  • And much more…
Price: $30.00 — Yours Free

What you’ll learn from Narcissists in Conversation

  • Judgmental words they use to make you feel bad about yourself
  • How they make you feel so awful every time they talk to you, without you realizing they’re doing it
  • How they use aggressive body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to hurt you - without saying or doing anything you’d call “mean” outright
Narcissists in Conversation
  • The “double-meaning” method they masterfully use to say one thing, and make you feel another
  • Passive-aggression in their passing remarks, replies and observations that are inherently negative
  • How they start conflicts with conversation “entry points” and bringing up inappropriate, sensitive topics – at just the right time to upset you
  • Quick and smooth conversation exits they use to get away after successfully hurting you or to bail-out when you’re onto them
  • The 3 types of verbal abuse they use that you probably hear all of the time. Do any of them ring a bell?
  • Their tone of voice in reply, and how it makes you feel
  • How they “slip” subtle threats and even blackmail into their words
  • Narcissists always have “backup plans” and default things they say to fall back on, here are some you'll hear daily
  • And much more…
Price: $20.00 — Yours Free

Frankly, they’re all easily worth over $100 together - more than 3x the price of The 16 Signs alone.

And you can’t get these anywhere else. Each of them individually is worth what you’re investing for The 16 Signs.

But you won’t pay a dime to get them… because you’re getting all of them today for free.

BUT… I’m considering removing them in the future as marketing materials, separate products or as bonuses in a higher-priced deluxe version… much higher-priced.

Until I decide what to do, which could be tomorrow, you can get all of them with your order of The 16 Signs at no extra cost.

Retail Price: $100 Sale Price: $59
Your Price: $29
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Still Not Sure?

You may have some questions I can answer...

"Can I trust you? How do I know you’re a real person?"

The short answer is: yes I’m a real person and this is my life story. It’s all true.

This isn’t something I do on the side to make money. This is my career and calling in life. It’s my passion and what I do. I’m “in it to win it”, as they say.

This is our 2nd year in business and if the past is any indication of the future, the future looks very bright indeed.

I don’t plan on stopping. My only goal is to get the solution to your narcissist problems in your hands as quickly and easily as possible.

"Is your refund policy for real?"

It’s absolutely for real. It benefits both of us. It helps you by removing all risk and helps me by getting only the right people to act on my offer.

All SC Publishing Company products are backed by our “perfect” guarantee: if it’s not everything you wanted that I promised, ask for a full refund at any time and keep it free.

It’s not really a “guarantee” at all, but a demand. If it isn’t your perfect solution I refuse to keep your money, simple as that.

My highest personal goal is your success, and I can only do that with a great product I stand behind and believe in.

But you have to feel the same way for it to be true. You must experience that “a-ha” moment when you put it all together and see it work the same miracles in your life like it did in mine.

So if it doesn’t you must tell me so I can give you all of your money back.

"I have another question not listed here."

That’s not a question! But alright, send me an email at and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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